Oh what a night!

14th January 2016 at Blackwells bookshop Edinburgh was the place to be. What for? The launch of “Our Best Attention” of course.

There was a huge turn out of family and friends but also, scarily, lots of people who had booked via Blackwells and Eventbrite : strangers!  However the evening got off to a good start with an intro by Gordon Lawrie publisher supremo at Comely Bank Publishing then Q&A with that Jane Tulloch wifey. i.e. me. Banter commenced! Many points were covered including the ups and downs of the writing and publishing process.

A terrific and unexpected development was the contribution from the floor  of all sorts of reminiscences of times in a large old fashioned department store like the Murrays one featured in “Our Best Attention.” We heard about deliveries above and beyond the call of duty and the dark times of a scone thief!

The book signing that followed went on for longer than I’d believed possible and it was most enjoyable meeting and talking to the lovely people that bought books. Lots and lots of books. Thank you readers, Blackwells, and most of all, Gordon and Emma from Comely Bank Publishing.


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